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Meet Jo

Leadership Coach + Trainer + Speaker + Author

Josephine Bellaccomo helps CxOs, innovators, changemakers, and professionals at all levels to communicate with impact. Inspire their listeners. Build trust and relationships. Lead self-directed teams. Perform better. Be happier. Solve the problems no one else is solving. Move the world.

Her philosophy is simple. Provide clear training, coaching, tools and techniques to help you break through obstacles that get in your way.

In 2001, Jo founded Move The Message, a social enterprise training company, to support NGOs and non-profits. She continues to partner with her Fortune 500 clients as she focuses on social justice, animal rights and animal rescue. 


Clients on Jo

Training + Coaching + Keynotes


"Jo possesses an incredible level of sensitivity in combination with a razor sharp memory, giving her the ability to read her clients (seemingly) effortlessly and instantly. As a result, my colleagues and I dramatically improved our ability to speak publicly, create effective communiqués and understand how to reach our audience(s). I would re-hire her in a heartbeat."

Mindy Aronoff, Senior Director of Engagement, Bay Area Video Coalition

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Popular Topics

Interactive. Engaging. Tailored to make your job easier, meet your goals and drive results.


Storytelling & Public Speaking

Tools and techniques to eliminate nervousness, engage your listeners, stay on track, and move your audience to action.

Presenting & Pitching to Executives

How to present your project, product or progress without getting thrown off by questions, cut off by timing, or choked by doubt.

Leadership Presence

Techniques to focus your mindset, demonstrate confidence and credibility, and promote trust and transparency.

NextGen Leaders

Strategies and tools to lead innovation with focus and purpose, demonstrate situational awareness, and motivate with participation rather than compensation.

Emotional & Social Intelligence

Harvard Business School research determined that emotional intelligence counts for twice as much as IQ and technical skills combined in predicting who will be successful. Learn tools and strategies to manage your own emotions and raise awareness of others’ so that you can connect, influence and inspire at work, in the community, and in your personal life.

Tough Conversations

Eighty percent of managers believe having difficult conversations is part of their job, but more than half dodge them because they lack the training and experience. Learn how to quickly plan what you’ll say and practice how you say it so that conversations happen sooner and more often, before poor performance impacts business.

Networking & Building Stakeholder Relationships

You’re faced with a great opportunity. Here’s how to talk about yourself, present your contribution to stakeholders, and build your network, without coming across as uncertain, unclear, siloed, or arrogant.

Innovation & Inclusion

Racially and ethnically diverse companies outperform industry norms by 35%, and teams where men and women are equal earn 41% more revenue. Learn how to reduce subtle biases, engage and enlist allies, develop teams that perform more optimally, and make participation to drive innovation an ongoing business strategy.

Giving and Getting Feedback

Engaged and inspired teams perform optimally. Feedback helps them drive toward continuous improvement. You'll assess performance and provide strategic recognition and coaching feedback. Learn how to ask for feedback and plan for a successful performance review.

Building Trust

Techniques to improve listening, eliminate defensiveness, respond with accountability, and demonstrate credibility to build more trusting relationships.

Writing for Results Bootcamp

5-step writing process focused on moving business forward, eliminating time sucks, and producing clear, concise, compelling work that says what you mean, inspires and influences.

Your leaders, managers and teams need some help in how they interact, how they show up, how they get things done. 

Whatever you’re struggling with, I’m here to help.

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