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Training, coaching and speaking focused on communication for today’s challenges.

We deliver transformative learning experiences to help you build the right mindset and skillset. So you can lead, move your message, engage your people, and drive impact.


Virtual and Classroom Workshops

Learning + Performance

All Move the Message services are designed and delivered by Leadership Coach Josephine Bellaccomo. Since 1995, Jo has helped thousands of people develop their talent and mindset to perform exceptionally and achieve their goals. Each workshop is practical, research-based, interactive and high-impact. To meet your specific business needs, we tailor the exercises, roleplay and feedback to be immediately actionable. 


We are happy to work with you to design new programs and customize the content. We deliver half-day, one-day, or two-day workshops in classroom or live virtual formats, for intact teams or as open enrollments. Below is a list of immediate training solutions. In these uncertain times, we are ready to help you with any urgent customized learning intervention. 


Here are our most popular offerings: 


Leading Through Change

Whether you’re starting out in your role or you’re highly experienced, you are performing in unprecedented times. You may be struggling with how to do it now. You may not feel confident or have all the answers, but you need to communicate. Even when you can’t see the faces in gallery view. Even when you’re waiting for more data. And especially when the headlines are alarming.

We help leaders gain the skills and build their resilience so they can adapt and thrive. We help them lead with courage and compassion. And we’re ready to help you.

Developing Women Leaders

NextGen Leaders in 2020

Leadership Presence in the Room and on Zoom

Leading Peak-Performing Teams

Building Emotional Intelligence in 2020

Difficult Conversations in Difficult Times

Innovation & Inclusion: Moving Beyond Unconscious Bias

Giving and Getting Feedback in a Virtual World

Building Trust During Uncertainty

Managing Your Remote Team in an Uncertain World

2020 New Manager Bootcamp


Communicating for Results

Right now, in today’s world, we are struggling to communicate. No matter how deep your professional experience or how long you have been communicating, people are struggling with what to say and how to say it. We might silence ourselves because we are afraid to make a mistake.


But now is not the time to stop. Now is not the time to wait. Now is the time to speak.


We help people give power to their voice. We're here to help you, too.

Communicating with Clarity

Presentation Skills: In the Room and on Zoom

Presenting & Pitching to Executives

Difficult Conversations When You Can't Get Face-to-Face

Giving and Getting Feedback with Remote Teams

Influence Strategies

Storytelling in Today's Sensitive Environment

Leading Virtual Meetings that Drive Results

Networking and Building Stakeholder Relationships in a Virtual World

Team Business Writing for Results Bootcamp



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Leadership Coaching

Vision + Communication

Leadership coaching drives tangible results to transform individual, team and organizational performance. Coaching is highly tailored, based on assessments and stakeholder feedback, to develop high potentials and leadership talent, and to increase personal effectiveness and performance. Move the Message offers a range of formats to support your needs, especially for crisis communication: in person, virtual face-to-face, or by phone.

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Pitch Coaching

Confidence + Impact

Pitch consulting helps prepare speakers for keynotes, or supports the CEO and pitch team for high-stakes events. We polish the content and focus on the delivery to create a compelling presentation that builds trust and connection with the audience, conveys executive presence, and drives a winning result.

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Performance Coaching

Level Up + Practice

Each session is laser-focused to take you quickly to the next level, tailored to your needs and goals, the problems you need to solve. Coaching is usually one-to-one, but small teams can provide peer coaching to build their communication skillset. Coaching focuses on specific outcomes. Clients have leveled up to confidently present a compelling message, manage conflict, develop assertiveness, initiate critical conversations, keep a powerful mindset under pressure, and feel more comfortable socially and professionally when the stakes are high.



Inspiration + Action

Move the Message keynotes are fun and interactive, with practical techniques, tips, and short exercises on how to lead, communicate, and perform exceptionally. They engage your people two powerful ways. They ignite their passion for positive change and personal impact.  And they move your people to action and commitment. Keynotes are 30-90 minutes.

Audience Clapping

"When I see Jo speak, I want to channel her talent, but what I love most of all is that she gives us the tools and insight to help us become effective and engaging communicators in our own ways."
Marisa Miller Wolfson, Director & Screenwriter of Vegucated
Best Documentary, Toronto Independent Film Festival


We're here to help you lead and succeed in today's world.

Move the Message training, coaching and keynotes can transform your people. Let’s chat about what you're struggling with and the results you want to drive. Wherever you are in the world, we can help you make your world better.

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